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Are you sick and tired of those who wish rape and/or death on Sansa? Are you sick and tired of Gwen haters? Are you sick and tired of all the things the Ginny-bashers say?

If that’s the case, then I’d like to invite you all to take part in a wonderful event called We Love the Women That Fandom Hates. The purpose of this initiative is to express our love for female characters from all fandoms—it’s a great opportunity for all the fans to show their appreciation for the amazing female characters and to prove that fandom should—and can—be first and foremost about love, not hate. We’re starting this Friday. The rules are simple: you pick a female character and make a post about her every day for seven days. You can choose any woman from any fandom and write in any language, but be quick—since we want the action to include as many characters as possibe, there’s a limit of three people per character in each language.

Feel free to reblog it and generally pimp it out, too. And see you on Friday, hopefully!

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    awesome! though it does sadden me a bit to see so many characters I love in that list, I am looking forward to it,...
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    That’s just silly. I’m not a huge Amy Pond fan but that’s because in the (admittedly few) S5 episodes I’d seen, her...
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    I loved Echo (and her actress Eliza Dushku too!), why would anyone hate her? :( I also /really/ don’t get the River Song...
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    I think it’s gotten loads better but I used to see so much Amy Pond hate. Plus on the site they said it didn’t have to...
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    THIS IS AWESOME. I’ve been wanting a good motivation to gush about how much I love Martha Jones.
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    Yes, yes, yes!
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    I guess I could do one on Rose. As much as a lot of people don’t like her she’s still kind of important to The Doctor.
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    Signal boost. Central female characters are still too rare and precious to draw the hate they do.
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    Oooh I’m intrigued. I think I’ll do this but I’m not sure which character should get my love. Ginny? Martha Jones? Hrm…
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    I’m in. I call Nico Minoru.
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